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Automax Programming Executive to Studio 5000


This utility converts (migrates, translates) Reliance Electric Automax programs that were created with the Automax Programming Executive (AMX) programming software to Studio 5000, in other words Automax to ControlLogix (CLx).


COMMON variables are made CONTROLLER scope tags and are all upper case.
LOCAL variables are PROGRAM scope tags and are all lower case.

AMX V3 allows variables of different types (%, @, etc) to have the same name. CLX doesn’t allow this. Therefore a suffix (_i,_b,_r, etc) will be added to all tags.

AMX “tuneables” are prefixed with a “z_”. This makes them easily identifiable and they appear at the bottom of the program scope tag list.


The logic will be converted to equivalent CLX code.
If equivalent conversion is not possible an error message will be generated in the converted logic and an alternative method will be suggested (move blocks are the prime example).

It is possible to have Basic statements in the .BLK program. If possible, they will be converted to Structured Text language. There will be a separate routine to hold all the basic statements. Beware of “order of execution” issues.

CLX Structured Text does not support jumps or GOTO’s. These, and any other non-supported functions will be remarked out. They will be noted in the log file.

The CLX FBD blocks will be combined to use the minimum number of sheets to efficiently show signal flow.

You will receive one ACD file for each BLK program and one ACD file for each PC task.

AMX PC programs have upward and downward transition elements. These have been implemented by using “ONS” instructions at the beginning of each PC routine. This has worked fine in many, many cases. However, there is a possibility that an “order of execution” issue may occur. Please be aware.

Basic programs (BAS) will be converted to structured text.

A log file will be created that lists all the problems.


All documentation will convert.

CLX has reserved words. If a variable is the same as a CLX reserved word it will be renamed.


There will be no remapping of I/O.

Conversion samples

Automax_program, Automax_CLx (a picture’s worth a thousand words)


We also have the ability to create WP drawings from the Automax .BLK files.

WP drawings are drawings that Reliance used to document the logic in the Block (.blk) programs. These drawings are essential when troubleshooting. Unfortunately, with the passage of time, changes are made to the *.blk files and not documented on the WP drawings.

We create drawings from the actual source code so accuracy is very high. All changes will be caught. The current value of all tuneables will be shown. Contact us for a quote.


We convert your program, review it for accuracy, and manually cleanup the logic so that you can download it and start testing. This includes remapping the I/O if possible.
Typical conversion turn around time: 5 business days
Starting at: $4.00 (USD) per rung

What do I need to do

Upload the program from the PLC!
Save the program (<project name>.*) as a zip or 7-zip file. Do not include the path. (One PLC program per zip file.)
Your program will include file extensions such as: PC, BLK, BAS (Save the entire SalesOrder directory as a single zip file)

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee that your program will be converted correctly. (no fine print)