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DirectSoft to Studio 5000


This utility converts (migrates, translates) AutomationDirect programs that were created with the DirectSoft programming software to Studio 5000, in other words AutomationDirect to ControlLogix (CLx)


The Variable table is created as an INT array named V. The addresses are in decimal. For example V1000 will become V[512]. Addresses that are used in the program with a different data type such as BOOL (C), DINT, COUNTER (CT), TIMER (T), and REAL are created with arrays of that data type.


The ladder logic is converted using Smart Translation Technology.

Most instructions will convert without any issues. Some instructions convert but have additional logic added by the conversion utility to emulate the original instruction. A few instructions cannot be converted. They will be noted in the conversion log.


Nicknames are converted to aliases. Some characters cannot be used in tag names. These aliases will be renamed.
Wiring Info does not convert.
Descriptions convert to Descriptions. Invalid characters will be removed.
Titles do not convert.


Conversion samples

DS5_program, DS5_CLx (a picture’s worth a thousand words)




We convert your program, review it for accuracy, and manually cleanup the logic so that you can download it and start testing. This includes remapping the I/O if possible.
Typical conversion turn around time: 5 business days
Starting at: $2.50 (USD) per rung

What do I need to do

Upload the program from the PLC!
Save the program (.*) as a zip or 7-zip file. Do not include the path. (One PLC program per zip file.)
Your program will include file extensions such as: prj

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee that your program will be converted correctly. (no fine print)