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This page is for other conversions (migrations, translations) such as PLC2 to PLC5, PLC3 to PLC5, PLC3 to SoftPLC, TopDoc3 to ControlLogix, SLC500 to PLC5, Siemens to ControlLogix, Honeywell to ControlLogix, Mitsubishi to ControlLogix, Omron to ControlLogix, AutomationDirect to ControlLogix, Square D to ControlLogix, GE to ControlLogix, etc. Our engineer will let you know when to use this option.


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Conversion samples

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We convert your program, review it for accuracy, and manually cleanup the logic so that you can download it and start testing. This includes remapping the I/O if possible.
Typical conversion turn around time: 5 business days
Starting at: Not available

What do I need to do

Upload the program from the PLC!
Save the program (<project name>.*) as a zip or 7-zip file. Do not include the path. (One PLC program per zip file.)
Your program will include file extensions such as:

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee that your program will be converted correctly. (no fine print)