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Unity Pro to Studio 5000


This utility converts (migrates, translates) Modicon (such as Modicon 884, and Modicon 984) programs that were created with the Unity Pro programming software to Studio 5000, in other words Unity Pro to ControlLogix (CLx).


Each register (0xxxx,1xxxx, 3xxxx, 4xxxx) will be converted into a one-dimentional array of type INT. Extended memory (6xxxx) will be converted into a two-dimentional array of type INT.
The 0 and 1 registers access the individual bits. For example, 10017 will become M1[1].15.
The 3 and 4 registers use the same word offset. For example, 40100 will become M4[100].
Timers and counters will have new tags created of type TIMER and COUNTER. For example, timer 43493 will become T43493.


The network logic is converted using Smart Translation Technology.

Some instructions will convert without any issues. Some instructions convert but have additional logic added by the conversion utility to emulate the original instruction. Some instructions cannot be converted. They will be noted in the conversion log. Please review the conversion samples to see how the most common instructions will be converted.

You can enter an optional “Trash Register” to help with cleanup. When the conversion utility comes to a SUBTRACT instruction with the Trash Register as the result (bottom node), the SUBTRACT instruction is replaced with comparison instructions.


0xxxx, 1xxxx, 3xxxx, 4xxxx
Symbol: Symbols are converted to aliases. Some characters cannot be used in tag names. These aliases will be renamed and noted in the conversion log.
Descriptor: Yes
Short Comment: If no descriptor
Long Comment: No
Page Title: No

Symbol: No
Descriptor: No
Short Comment: No
Long Comment: No
Page Title: No

Symbol: No
Descriptor: Yes
Short Comment: Yes
Long Comment: Yes
Page Title: Yes
Rung comments are created in this format: “Network #”, page title, descriptor, short comment, long comment

Symbol: No
Descriptor: Yes
Short Comment: If no descriptor
Long Comment: No
Page Title: No


Here are three options for remapping the I/O:

NONE: I/O addresses stay at their M0 and M1 address
1756: I/O addresses will be remapped to an equivalent 1756 I/O module.
AN-X: I/O addresses will be remapped to an AN-X-MOD module (see ProSoft under Resources).

Conversion samples

Unity Pro Program Unity Pro CLx (a picture’s worth a thousand words)




We convert your program, review it for accuracy, and manually cleanup the logic so that you can download it and start testing. This includes remapping the I/O if possible.
Typical conversion turn around time: 5 business days
Starting at: $2.50 (USD) per rung (to convert networks to rungs count the total number of output instructions)

What do I need to do

Upload the program from the PLC!
Save the program (<project name>.*) as a zip or 7-zip file. Do not include the path. (One PLC program per zip file.)
Your program will include file extensions such as: ZEF

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee that your program will be converted correctly. (no fine print)